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A collection of author Merrylue Martin's appearances on podcasts and in other media. 

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The ET Project

August 2022

As a leader, talent retention will likely be occupying plenty of time in your thinking, and for good reason. The Great Resignation, The Great Talent Reshuffle, The Great Reset, Hybrid Workplaces and just trying to cope with the degree of uncertainty at present are enough to keep you awake at most nights.

Help is at hand. Join host Wayne Brown for his conversation with Merrylue Martin, listen below!

The St. Clair Speaks Show

August 2022

Merrylue Martin discusses the Great New Workplace and her book with host Yahavy St. Clair. Listen below!

Cafe and Networking Podcast

July 2022

Merrylue Martin joined host Tom Reaoch to discuss the Big Quit and her new book. Give it a listen below!

Sales and Marketing Magazine

June 2022

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Merrylue Martin published her article "To Keep Your Best Employees Start Spelling ‘Retention’ with Three Rs" in Sales and Marketing magazine.


In the article, she discusses how to balance each employee's Requirements, Rewards and Respect in order to promote satisfaction and retention.

The Big Quit Blog

The Big Quit Blog brings you the latest updates, tips, and strategies for navigating the ever changing nature of the Big Quit. 

Recent Posts:

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